Apr 212012

Hike Tetakawi

Tetakawi is a strenuous hike, but you are rewarded with 360 degree views from the top. Even if you only go part way, you will begin to see up and down the beautiful coast.

San Carlos from Tetakawi There are two marked trails to the top of Tetakawi: road-side and beach-side. What follows is the ride-side route.Take the road through sector Bahia to the km. 15 marker. Park and start for the top.

After about a 30 minute hike uphill, but on a relatively easy trail, you’ll reach a point with spectacular views like the ones in the photo here. Even if you only go this far, it’s worth it.

Tetakawi path After that, footing becomes unstable on loose rock and very steep inclines … top portion is basically a scramble up and a slide down on your butt.It might look like a rock slide, but the photo to the left shows the trail.
Tetakawi Yikes! The top of Tetakawi … it’s all down hill from here.That’s the car way down there on the road.