May 182012

cinemex guaymasWhat’s Playing at Cinemex Guaymas ?

Cinemex Guaymas has 8 salons often with a dozen different “just released” movies playing.

Most “Hollywood” movies for adults are in English with Spanish subtitles, but check before you go.


Telephone: 622-221-4763.

Map to Cinemex Guaymas.


Navigating the Cinemex Site

OK, you want to go to the movies and you know how to get to the Cinemex web page, now what? This site can be daunting with it only being listed in Spanish (oh, my Spanish teacher will be so proud of me, thanks Dolores!). Here is a brief tutorial on easily navigating this site so you can go see that particular movie. If you haven’t been to the theater here, then I strongly recommend that you do. It is really nice; movie style popcorn (I love how even here in Mexico the popcorn costs as much as the movie), candy, a coffee shop, a separate candy/nut shop, auditorium seating, nice bathrooms, and sometimes you are the only people in the theater!

Once you go to website, at the very top center you will see “Selecciona tu ubicacion” in a white box, click on the arrow down in the right of this box, scroll down to Sonora and click on Guaymas. You can then click on the red box right next to this location box that reads “Ver toda la cartelera”. This will display all movies showing at the Guaymas theater. 

At the side of this screen, you will see a column in grey that reads “Filtros de peliculas”. The third box down reads “Todas las peliculas”. Click on the arrow down in the right of this box and it will display all the movie titles playing. Click on the movie you want to watch to see the showing times. OR you can go to the fourth box down that reads today’s date i.e., “Miercoles 07 de enero”, and click on the arrow down in the right of this box to select the date you want and all movies with their show times will display. Often, this site only allows you to see ahead about 4 days for movies and their show times.

Now hit the arrow back key at the top left of your desktop screen and go back to the main page of Cinemex where you entered the location of the theater as Guaymas. Right below the banner across the top that flips showing movie titles you will see a row of four boxes. The first box reads “EN CARTELERA” which means what is Currently Showing.

The next box reads “ESTRENOS DE ESTA SEMANA” which means what is coming Next Week. Once you click on this box, if you hover your mouse over a particular movie and then click on it, you will be taken to a page that gives the date when this movie is premiering here. Remember the dates listed are in Mexican format i.e., dd/mm/yyyy. You can also watch the trailer from this page by clicking on “Ver Trailer”.

OK, back at the main page, the third box reads “PROXIMOS ESTRENOS” which means New Releases Coming Soon. Hover your mouse over a particular movie and the movie poster will change into two stacked circles. The top circle in pink will display the date this movie is coming to Guaymas.

The fourth box on the main page reads “PREVENTAS” which means movies that are coming in the future that you can Buy Tickets For Now.

Lastly, just to confuse you (kidding), from the main page, you will see a column on the side that has a red border top with a star symbol and “Cinemex Guaymas” in it. Just below this you will see the date listed and just below this are all the movies playing on this date and their show times. You can click on the calendar symbol to the right of the listed date and select another date (again you can usually just go about 4 days into the future), to show the movies and times playing here.

Digital Ingles means it is playing in English with Spanish subtitles. Digital Espanol means it is playing in Spanish. And Digital 3D means it is shown in 3D (usually this will indicate whether in Espanol or Ingles).