Sep 052012

Flights to Guaymas aerocalafia

Flights to Guaymas / San Carlos

A few airlines offer flights to Guaymas / San Carlos Mexico.

Track your Guaymas arrival or departure with the fight status tool.
Guaymas airport: General José María Yáñez
Airport code: GYM

Effective October 27, US Airways will no longer serve Guaymas. I wrote to US Airways’ head office and they confirmed “US Airways has discontinued our service to/from Guaymas. We will not offer services with a partner airline. The effective cancelation date is 10/27/2012. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at (800) 428-4322″.

There is another flight option to Guaymas. Aerocalafia‘s flights from Guaymas inlcude:

Tijuana: one-way price $154usd;
Cabo San Lucas: return price $332; and
Hermosillo: return price $81
Contact Aerocalafia in Guaymas in Plaza las Delicias on Garcia Lopez. Phone: (622) 222-5586 or 1-800-560-3949.


Aerocalafia has flights from Guaymas to La Paz, Los Cabos and Puerto Penasco.
Telephone: (622) 221-0511 & 221-0634

Aeroservicio Guerrero

Aeroservicio Guerrero has flights from Guaymas to Santa Rosalia, Guerrero Negro and Loreto.
Telephone: (622) 221-2800

Flying into Hermosillo

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It is often less expensive to fly into Hermosillo and get a ride or take the bus into San Carlos / Guaymas. Tufesa has buses that go from the Hermosillo airport to Guaymas several times a day. The cost is 115 pesos for an adult.

Hermosillo has daily international flights. Some of the airlines that fly to Hermosillo are:

US Airways, AeroMexico and Delta to Phoenix;
AeroMexico, AeroMexico Connect and Delta to Los Angeles; and
Volaris, LAN, Interjet, KLM and COPA to Mexico City, where you can get flights all over the world.
If flying from Tijauna is a good option for you, you’ll be happy to know that a planned pedestrian bridge will offer easier access to the Tijuana airport from San Diego. Read more

Several international carriers service Hermosillo, including:


Telephone: (622) 222-0123 & 222-0266
Website: AeroMexico
Address: Ave. Serdán y Calle 16 No.236 Guaymas, Sonora

US Airways

Website: US Airways
Telephone: (622) 221-2266

Delta Airlines

Website: Delta

American Airlines

Website: American Airlines


Website: VivaAerobus, flies from Hermosillo around Mexico.
VivaAerobus’ hub is Monterrey. From Monterrey there are many flights to other destinations around Mexico and to Las Vegas and Houston.
Telephone (United States): +52 (818) 215-0150

Maybe a new airline will eventually fly from the US (Phoenix) to Guaymas / San Carlos Mexico. Hopefully this list of airlines will help you get the best cheap flights to Guaymas / San Carlos Mexico.