Sep 262014
Fishing Report: Sept 16

Before the storm, we released three sails just five miles out. A few small dorado also mixed around. A couple of sailfish were caught 22 miles out. Two days before, my friends caught eight sails and a marlin 30+ miles out. Another boat caught six sails and a marlin 35 miles out. There are some [read more ...]

Sep 222014
Fishing Report: July 30

It was a nice quiet day on the water. I never even heard the radio (VHF ch.68) … which is the way I like it. I only saw one other fishing boat out there. We saw several marlin on the surface that wouldn’t play. We had one come in on the Moldcraft Purple Softhead (best [read more ...]

Sep 032014
Bamboo Teriyaki Sushi BAR -- Grand Opening, September 3

Bamboo Teriyaki Sushi BAR — Grand Opening is on Wednesday, September 3. Enjoy delicious and authentic Asian cuisine such as Kung Pao Chicken, Mongolian Beef, Chow Mein, Fried Rice, Spring Rolls and Sushi, right here in San Carlos. Our licensed, air-conditioned restaurant is conveniently located across the street from the Marinaterra hotel (where Evies Simply [read more ...]

Aug 262014
Fishing Report: Aug 26

Marinaterra Hotel & Spa hosted the 2nd Annual Dorado Derby Fishing Tournament on Saturday, August 23. 101 anglers on 34 boats competed. The Dorado Derby Fishing Tournament Final Results are: 1st place: Dennis Hilburn on Unruly Julie: 16.3kg 2nd place: Roberto de Leon on D&D: 9.5kg 3rd place: Patricio Treviño on Construmil: 9kg 4th place: [read more ...]

Jul 222014
Fishing Report: July 23

The bite was a little slow after the full moon, but it seems that they are biting now … if you can find them. One friend found plenty of dorado, marlin, and even yellowtail on the other side where the water is cooler and full of squid. On this side some good areas were still [read more ...]

Jul 162014
Fishing Report: July 16

A few boaters scooping up the goods at the moment. We had some major storms in the last week, and along with the full moon, that really stirred up the water. It seems like maybe the big dorado were just showing. A lot of nice 30 pound fish were caught and lost. A lot of [read more ...]

Jul 162014
Pueblo Escenico Committee Meeting, Construction Update

An update meeting of the Pueblo Escenico Committee was held on Thursday, July 10 at the Marina Terra Hotel. Four representatives of the construction projects being completed in San Carlos and the Mayor of Guaymas were present along with 20 people in the audience (4 Americans). The Committee announced that these construction projects are being [read more ...]

Jul 082014
Fishing Report: July 9

Always nice to be back into the San Carlos fishing routine, but sometimes it can get tiring. I’ll take a few days of rest here! The rain came in on Wednesday to cool us off. We are getting a lot of overcast days with some breezes. Maybe the cooler weather is helping to move the [read more ...]

Jul 032014
Fishing Report; July 2

Finally some nice days in San Carlos after weeks of wind. We had five boats and fifteen wounded warriors down for a mini-tournament last weekend. The guys had a good time, besides extremely rough seas, half of them puking their guts out, and slow fishing. We were looking at a three-peat on Magnum with a [read more ...]

Jun 252014
Fishing Report: June 25

I am back in San Carlos for at least a couple of weeks. It was a long four-week four-tournament tour. I can’t say that there was nothing too easy about it, but nothing was made too easy. We had our highs, and our lows. On the surface, you would think $152,000 was a lot of [read more ...]

Jun 252014
Dive Report: June 25

The water was great this past weekend for scuba diving and snorkeling! On Saturday, we dove Rocas Grande and La Cueva at San Pedro Island. The visibility was 50 – 60 feet and the water temperature was a comfortable 83 degrees! We found lobster, eels, and even a seahorse while at the island this past [read more ...]