May 212015
Fishing Report: May 20

Summer is trying to inch in, though the winter winds don’t want to let up. Of course they will be up for the Ladies this weekend for the annual LIFT tournament. It’s good news for the sailors though, who will also be in town. The water temp is borderline, but the billfish are biting – [read more …]

May 122015
Kayak Regatta: May 17

On Sunday May 17, all kayakers are invited to participate in the 7th Annual Kayak competition, “Remando con el CET del Mar”. The race will start at 10:00am near the dancing fountain on the Guaymas malecon. Competitors will paddle six kilometers. Registration is 100 pesos. For more information, contact Gabriel Soto Monge at (622) 221-5944, [read more …]

May 122015
Rescate Capital Fund Drive 2015

For years we’ve said, “Rescate is there for YOU”! And that has certainly been true over the 37 years since Dr. Don transported ill or injured people from San Carlos to Guaymas in the bed of his pickup truck. In 2014 the annual count of people treated at the Rescate infirmary reached 1,912. Also, Rescate’s [read more …]

May 052015
Fishing Report: May 5

We are still waiting for the summer fishing to start. The water is blue and 75 degrees+. Some sailfish are moving in, tons of small dorado are out there, and there are plenty of marlin. Inshore, my friend found a few small Bonita and Sierra. A few yellowtail are around, but the season is pretty [read more …]

May 052015
Birding Report: April 29

Did you know that there are several cruise companies that do birding-themed cruises, where you can bird and cruise? I was lucky and found one of these companies operating right here in the Sea of Cortez. The company isUn-Cruise Adventures based in Seattle, and they are doing several cruises in our neighborhood. You have to go [read more …]

Apr 212015
Fishing Report: April 21

The fishing has been tough in San Carlos. The bottom fishing has been decent at times,  but the current is often too strong. It seems like nearly every time I set the anchor, a billfish pops up next to the boat. We have seen dozens in the first few miles, on into 100 ft of [read more …]