Apr 212015
Fishing Report: April 21

The fishing has been tough in San Carlos. The bottom fishing has been decent at times,  but the current is often too strong. It seems like nearly every time I set the anchor, a billfish pops up next to the boat. We have seen dozens in the first few miles, on into 100 ft of [read more …]

Apr 212015
Birding with Dave: April 21

Last week, four intrepid birders trekked south to Obregon for a beautiful day of birding. We arrived at our spot on the Rio Yaqui and got busy! We looked up to find the Rose-throated Becards busy building their nest for the season. There was a really pretty male with a bright rose-colored throat! Eh, what [read more …]

Apr 142015
Birding with Dave: April 15

What, in the world of birding, is a “Big Day”? A “Big Day” is trying to see as many bird species in one 24-hour period as you can. You can do this as a team, and we were a team of 3: Mary T.; Luis, a Mexican birder we had found at one of our [read more …]

Apr 142015
Fishing Report: April 15

Things are pretty mellow at the moment, but we will take what we can get. The bottom fishing has picked up at times, but there has also been some scorpion and antennae fish to weed through. A few marlin are being caught, but no exceptional bite. We saw one today just a few hundred yards [read more …]

Mar 312015
Fishing Report: April 1

Well, you know what they say about a good thing. The season is changing, and sometimes that is just fishing. Still, your next trip could be your best. There are a lot of marlin swimming around in close, with a few being caught. A few boats are switching over to summer fishing. One sailboat brought [read more …]