May 272017

The 70th International Billfish Tournament takes place from June 30 – July 2, 2017.

Registration is on June 30 from 5:00pm to 9:00pm at the Marina Terra pool area. The registration fee is $150 USD.

The event is hosted and sponsored by Ernesto Zaragoza Charity Foundation. Funds raised from the tournament help local charities in their endeavors.

The tournament is conducted under International Game Fish Association rules.

For more information, contact:
Phone: 011-52-622-225-2800

International Billfish Tournament: Program

June 30
5:00 pm – registration of participants at Marina Terra Palapa Pool
5:30 pm – welcome cocktail
6:00 pm – conference on the preservation of the sea and its biodiversity.
7:00 pm – captains
8:00 pm – icebreakers with drinks and lounge music
9:00 pm – end of registration

July 01
7:00 am – opening and opening notice
3:00 pm – start of weighing
4:00 pm – lines up
6:00 pm – close of weighing
7:00 pm – start of the festival of fish and wine at Marina Terra

July 02
7:00 am – beginning of the last day of fishing
2:00 pm – start of weighing
3:00 pm – lines up
5:00 pm – close of weighing
6:00 pm – Dinner (courtesy of Hotel Armida), awards and closing at the Yacht Club


International Billfish Tournament boat winner Kryptonite

2016 International Billfish Tournament Final Results

Overall boat releases:

1. Kryptonite with 8 (pictured right)
2. Predator with 7
3. Cortezano with 3

Winning Anglers: (pictured below)

1. Eleanor North on Predator with 6 released billfish
2. Ken Diaz on Caroline E and David Rothschiller on Kryptonite each released 3 billfish
3. Casey Hayes on Cortezano, Wade Earl and Steve Calvert on Kryptonite each released 2 billfish
International Billfish Tournament winning angler Eleanor North on PredatorInternational Billfish Tournament Ken Diaz on Caroline E and David Rothschiller on KryptoniteInternational Billfish Tournament Casey Hayes on Cortezano, Wade Earl and Steve Calvert on Kryptonite

2014 International Billfish Tournament Final Results

The 67th Annual International Billfish Tournament took place July 4 – 6, 2014.

The final results are as follows:
1st Place: Bryan Replogle
2nd Place: John King
3rd Place: Ron Cooper
4th Place: Theodore Dake
5th Place: Adan Goldring
6th Place Robert Gilbert William
7th Place: Ken Diaz/Dan Boone/Rich Norquist

Ladies Division:
1st Place: Connie Ward
2nd Place Tamra Williamson

Thank you to everyone who participated. This event is hosted by the Ernesto Zaragoza Charity Foundation.